Hello, and welcome to my very first post on this blog! My name is Yasmin, and I plan to take this blog wherever my mind takes me. This blog will mainly be aimed at a student audience, providing tips and tricks for everything from applying to university, budgeting and staying fit and healthy during your studies. Although, most of the tips can probably be applied to non-student life too.

A big topic I also intend to focus on is self-care. Looking after your mental health during university is very important, and as someone with a fair bit of experience in struggling to handle anxiety, I figured sharing some tips and tricks to look after yourself may come in handy to some in the same or similar position.

I also plan to talk about lifestyle, habits, and routines. These posts may discuss topics such as skin care, healthy eating, fitness, and how to generally live well, all of which I believe are important parts of life.

I do hope that this blog can progress and grow with me through my university years and beyond. I have a big love for writing and I hope that I can provide helpful answers to questions, tips, and advice throughout this blogging journey!

Yasmin x