As the end of 2017 is approaching, I thought I would share my goals for 2018. Usually, I end up setting myself unrealistic goals that deep down I know I’ll never achieve, but Id like to think I would. So here are my realistic goals for the upcoming year!

#1 Healthier Eating and Exercise – I know this is something most likely to be at the top of most people’s lists, but I have already started this transition at the end of this year by starting to regularly attend the gym. I made this decision on recommendation from my doctor after being prescribed anxiety medication, and it’s been helping so much I’m actually starting to enjoy exercising. The next and more difficult step is changing my diet, I’m very much a person who eats something because it’s there or because I’m bored! I need to start making healthier buying choices.

#2 Blogging – Initially, I wasn’t going to begin blogging until the new year came around, but I had this sudden spark of inspiration to start writing earlier this month so here we are! I’d like to begin investing time into this blog in 2018, especially on the photography side of things.

#3 My Style – I’ve always been someone who doesn’t wear what they truly want, whether it’s been due to body confidence issues, or just generally thinking ‘that will look awful on me’. My 3rd goal for 2018 is to start wearing what I want because I want to. I enjoy expressing myself through my appearance, and I intend to start doing so more next year.

#4 Makeup – Sometimes I look at other blogger’s and Youtuber’s makeup looks and simply think how on earth did you do that? In 2018, I’d love to finally improve my makeup skills. This is another region I haven’t been as experimental in as I would have liked due to fear of judgement from others. I hope to finally change that mindset I have.

#5 Time – This is a strange one and I couldn’t really think of what to call this branch of goals. I want to learn to appreciate time more, I feel I always look too far into the future and forget to appreciate the present moment and the people around me. The saying is true, life really is too short, and I want to start dedicating my time to the right activities and the right people. I want to use my time wisely, as you never know what’s round the corner!

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Thank you very much for reading my lovelies, have a great day!

Yasmin x



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