For a lot of people, a new year signals the start of new beginnings, a chance for a fresh start and an opportunity to make those long awaited changes to your life. However, most people don’t see through these resolutions past the end of January, like that unused gym pass, or the abandoned daily journal.

So here are my ways to feel somewhat new and fresh for the start of 2018, without having to make unrealistic goals that you know deep down you won’t keep past January 2nd!

#1 A technology clear out – By this I mean sort out your emails, delete all those unwanted apps, reset the theme on your phone etc. It always feels really good to clear unwanted messages and apps clogging up your storage, it’s time to make room for the new things 2018 will bring.

#2 Sort your wardrobe – I’m so bad at this one, I always take the mindset that ‘I’m sure I will wear it one day!’, when I know I really won’t. Have a sort through your cupboards and ask yourself, do I really wear this anymore, and do I still like it? You’ll be surprised how many items you answer no to! Bag up the unwanted stuff and give it to charity, or try selling some of it on sites such as eBay or Depop to make some quick cash!

#3 Tidy up – Give your home/bedroom a thorough clean! You may find things you don’t need or want anymore, which again you can donate or sell. Maybe reorganise some furniture, buy some new decorations, or just turn on your fairylights and light a candle! A clean living space can help promote a clean mind and help you think that little bit easier.

#4 Get a calendar/diary – I find organising yourself for a new year can definitely help with feeling like you’ve got yourself together, and keeping on top of deadlines and important dates. As a university student, I can’t live without a diary, I have so many deadlines and bits of information to remember it’s too hard to remember it all! Writing it down in a diary helps to keep on top of it all.

#Try a new hobby – Is there something you’ve been wanting to start for ages but never had the time/chance/motivation? Make this new year the time to try it out! You don’t have to commit to it fully straight away, just give it a try. Maybe attend a taster class if it’s an activity outside your home, you may really enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to try something new. For me, this activity was blogging. I wanted to start before the new year came around so I could begin to really improve it when 2018 came around and here we are! I never thought I’d actually get around to launching it, but I’m so happy I have.

So there it is, my last post for 2017! I’m so excited to expand this blog during the upcoming year and I have been planning posts already! Have a fantastic new year, whatever you’re up to!



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