As a student, it can limit how you splash your cash and leave you with a tighter budget. It all depends on your personal situation, whether you took out a loan, if you have a part time job, or if your parents help you out. No matter what your situation, here are my favourite apps, sites and schemes to save you some of that precious cash!

#1 UniDays

This free app is a complete lifesaver and an essential for all students. All you need to set up an account is your student email and a student card for proof when in store and you’re good to go! It gives you online and in store discounts to fashion retailers, restaurants, music and health companies. It’s a no brainer!

#2 Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers students a 6 month FREE trial and then a reduced fee for a year’s membership once the trial is up. I use Prime so much! It entitles you access to prime delivery, prime video and prime music, all of which I use so regularly!

#3 Save The Student

This website gives the latest discounts in store and online, tips for student life and how to save and make money. It’s got some really great tips.

#4 NUS Card

This is a student card that you can register for here that requires a payment, but opens up a whole lot more discount opportunities. I have one and I use it a lot, especially on restaurants and eating out.

#5 Store Cards

This one can be especially useful for places you regularly shop, and if you’re in self catered accommodation like me, supermarkets will become one of these places! Signing up to a Sainsbury’s Nectar card or a Tesco Clubcard can be an immense help, every time you shop you build up points which can then be used towards another shop once you have enough! It really adds up in the end. Other retailers such as Boots, Superdrug, Costa Coffee and Starbucks offer store cards too, which follow the same principle of having points build up which can be used towards a purchase. These ones are especially useful if you’re a makeup AND a coffee junkie like me! I highly recommend signing up for these, they will help you in the long run!

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So there we go, a roundup of my favourite ways to keep the cash in my pocket as a student! Do you have any money saving methods?

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