We’ve all been there. We have a long list of important tasks to tick off today, but somehow Netflix and the comfort of a warm bed take priority, right? And the procrastination begins…

I used to lounge around in bed for hours, resulting in an unproductive and lazy day, until one day I realised, life is too short (a cringey and overused statement I know, but nevertheless relevant). So here are my top ways to kick ass and tell your comfy bed so long until bedtime! (A devastating goodbye…)

My Top Tips – Preparation

Wake up early! – I know for a lot of people the phrase ‘set an alarm’ may be the equivalent of an expletive, but let me tell you this, it works. Forcing yourself to wake up via an alarm on your phone or a cute little alarm clock like this one gives you more time in the day to get your tasks done, so now you can’t play the ‘I didn’t have enough time’ card! It’s a great way to avoid procrastination.

Switch off distractions – Again, this is a difficult one for most as we live in such a technology based world, but turning off your phone, notifications, or any other potential distractions minimises your ability to get distracted. This has saved me during the struggling times of writing an essay, but only writing 10 words in an hour because I was actually scrolling through Twitter the whole time (the sad truth).

Plan, plan, plan – My planner is my lifesaver. Having my uni deadlines, to do lists, and blogging post dates/topics written down is the only way I keep myself organised. There are so many cute planners out there too! Why wouldn’t you want one?! The Paper Parlour do some adorable planners, and so do Rifle Paper Co.. (This one is a favourite of mine). So get your hands on a planner and start organising!

Tips On Getting Started

Get stuck in – If you’re avoiding a task due to the fear of failure or just getting started, my advice would be just start. I know this sounds like a cliche piece of advice, but sometimes just starting writing/creating can get the ideas and productivity going!

Break it down – The worst thing you can do when trying to stop procrastinating is attempting to complete a big chunk of work in a short space of time. If trying to complete a 2,000 word essay in one go won’t make your brain cry, nothing will (I can tell you that from experience). Give yourself breaks if it’s a long term task, and plan when you will complete which part (see, planning again!).

Reward your progress – What better way to celebrate completing a task you didn’t want to do? Go out with friends, or just take a break and go for a walk, anything enjoyable that will take your mind off the task for a while (and make sure you acknowledge that success yourself too!). It will hopefully make you want to give up procrastination for good!

So if you’re procrastinating right now by reading this post, go ahead and get started! You’ve got this.


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