60 Simple Ideas for Self Care

Hello lovely readers! Today I wanted to write about a topic I believe in very strongly, looking after YOU! It’s so important to take time for ourselves out of our busy lives and just do something calming or enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult or impressive, just a little act that says ‘I love you’ to yourself! Here is my long list of little self care ideas you could incorporate into your life:

The ultimate self care ideas list

#1 Read a book – It’s self care for the mind

#2 Have a cup of tea (or your favourite drink)

#3 Take a walk

#4 Put on a face mask (This is my go to mask for oily/acne prone skin!)

#5 Have a bubble bath

#6 Listen to your favourite music

#7 Write in your journal (If you don’t have one, start one!)

#8 Organise the week ahead in your planner to avoid stress

#9 Buy yourself some flowers and put them in your bedroom

#10 Do some yoga

#11 Meditate

#12 Make your favourite meal

#13 If you have pets, spend some time with them

#14 Put on your favourite outfit

#15 Paint your nails/toes

#16 Light a candle

#17 Change your bed sheets

#18 Make a smoothie (Healthy and yummy!)

#19 Do your makeup, you don’t have to be going anywhere!

#20 Tidy your bedroom (A tidy space helps clear the mind)

#21 Have a glass of water

#22 Wash your skin and do your skincare regime

#23 Change into some comfy clothes/pyjamas

#24 Watch your favourite/a new TV show or film

#25 Look in the mirror and say ‘I am beautiful’

#26 Get creative – write a story, draw, paint…

#27 Clean your makeup brushes

#28 Take a few really deep, cleansing breaths

#29 Start a new hobby/activity

It’s so important to spend time on you and love yourself!

#30 Sit outside and enjoy your environment

#31 Write down all the things you’re grateful for in life

#32 Make your bed

#33 Clear out your wardrobe, donate/sell things you no longer wear

#34 Clear out your makeup/skincare collection

#35 Put on some hand cream and lip balm

#36 Do a body scrub

#37 Do a hair mask

#38 Stretch when you wake up in the morning

#39 Get 7-10 hours of good sleep

#40 Give yourself a neck and head massage

#41 When you walk past any mirror, smile at yourself

#42 Put some fairy lights up in your bedroom

#43 Take a social media break

#44 Spend time with those who bring you happiness

#45 Put some fluffy cushions/snuggly blankets on your bed

#46 Explore a new area around where you live

#47 Go to your favourite café/restaurant and spend some time with yourself

#48 If you have any negative thoughts, get them out on paper

#49 Appreciate those around you who are supportive

#50 Don’t go on your phone before bed, maybe give reading a try

#51 Call your family/someone who loves you, making them happy should make you feel good

#51 Book that appointment you need to, don’t put it off

#52 Reply to all your emails/texts/messages

#53 Back up all your important computer and phone documents/apps

#54 Take your medication if you have a prescription

#55 Snuggle up for a nap with your favourite blanket/in your bed

#56 Watch a sunrise or sunset

#57 Say no when you have to/don’t want to do something

#58 Spend some time looking at Pinterest, it’s great for inspiration

#59 Catch up on your favourite blogger’s posts

#60 Change the way you make decisions, see how it affects your life

I hope this post may help with some ideas on how to look after yourself, it really is so important! Have a great week x


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self care ideas

little self care ideas


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  1. This was a really good post & I loved the ideas you suggested! Strange how such simple tasks can make you feel so much better. I personally try make my bed every day; that way by the time I’m out of bed, I’ve already accomplished one good thing towards having a good day – I see it as self care as it contributes towards having a tidy room.

    Soph | http://www.lovesoph.co.uk

  2. I think we should all keep a list like this written down – so we don’t forget to stop and take care of ourselves. My gift for myself this year was that i learned to say NO in situations or request I was uncomfortable with.. It was something I always struggled with – and once I started doing it I realized the power I took back for myself. but my number one “go to” when I need some “me” time is reading, total escapism for me.

  3. I love this list! I write a monthly newsletter for the business I work for and I was JUST looking for something like this to link in our March newsletter. Self care is so important! 🙂

  4. I love this list! There’s so many small ways to add self care into your day and I really need to work on not being on my phone before bed, I love reading but tend to put it off before I go to sleep in favor of a scroll through social media. One of my favorite self care routines is getting out all my nice bath products and having a really luxurious shower or bath!

    1. Yes I am pretty bad with going on my phone before bad, its a really bad habit of mine! I am trying to generally incorporate more reading into my days so hopefully I will eventually want to read before bed instead!

  5. This is a great list of self care ideas! Love applying a face mask and having a pamper evening. Enjoying using Lush bath bombs too. Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren xx

  6. This week I want to give myself a mini-vacation (still working, but with a planned relaxation/self-care “event” each day) and your list couldn’t have come at a better time!
    I love putting on makeup and just taking care of my appearance – I just rarely get to do it because I work from home. Dressing in my favorite clothes and putting on a full face of makeup, then going on a walk sounds like the thing to do tomorrow! <3

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