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Stylish outfits. We all want to look put together and have a poppin’ outfit, right? But sometimes you wake up and your fashion inspo is lacking, or you’re just looking for some new and exciting styles to add to your wardrobe. I’m here to help you look bomb everyday! These are my simple steps to make put together stylish outfits every damn day!

Statement pieces can create stylish outfits on there own!

Adding a stand out piece of clothing to an outfit is one of the easiest ways to give your look something different. Usually I will try to make one item of clothing/accessory the central part of the outfit, and keep other aspects more simple to draw attention to it. So for me in the outfit below, my gorgeous jacket from New Look is my statement piece for the colder months (it’s the warmest jacket ever!).

fluffy coat


I wear a belt with pretty much every outfit. It is one of the simplest ways to spice up a lifeless look, especially adding a bold coloured or patterned belt to a plainer set of clothes! This belt is from Primark and is such a lovely dusty pink colour (Oh I do love my pastels). The gold accent makes a nice addition to the look too.

pink belt


Another way to add a little something is jewellery. Personally I love wearing hoop earrings and necklaces to accessorise. I love jewellery and it’s such a great way to pull a look together! Style tip: layer necklaces like these ones to bring life to a plain top.


If my clothes are a little plain in colour or design, I always try to up my makeup game. I usually do this by applying a bold lip colour or a more intense eye look, using eyeshadow or maybe some eyeliner. This brings it all together and can bring a little life to a plain outfit!


This is one of my favourite ways to have a major fashion glow up. One of the best ways is wearing heels or boots, it makes you look more elegant and put together instantly! These Primark star print boots are one of my wardrobe favourites at the moment! Pair some heeled boots with even just a jeans and t-shirt, and boom you’re wearing one of my fave casual but stylish outfits!

star print boots


chic and stylish outfit fashion inspiration


So there we have it, my ways to make your outfit a little more out there and unique. I love these tips and use them daily, I hope they may help you too! Have a fabulous day.

Lots of love,

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chic and stylish outfits

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