The Fundamental Characteristics of Successful People

I think the secrets to success are usually kept just that, a secret. I know so many people my age achieving big things and setting goals, and sometimes I just wonder ‘how do you do it?‘. This post will hopefully provide an insight into the secrets these people hold, and how easy it can be to follow in their footsteps!

Success is within your reach!

Having a routine

This has become an important step for me in improving my life in general. Having some sort of routine can bring structure in to your life, especially a morning routine. For me on most days, my routine consists of getting up before 9, have breakfast, listen to a podcast/read some of a book, go to the gym, shower, get dressed and do my makeup! This little routine has become part of my life now, and helps you worry less about the unimportant things, and focus on your goals for the day!

Take the plunge

Sometimes reaching for success can involve actions that you may find intimidating or unachievable. My best advice would be to just go for it! Don’t be afraid of failure (Even Beyoncé must have fail sometimes, right?) and get stuck in. If you fail or hit a rough patch, take some time out and try again at another point!

Don’t just focus on the short term

I think this is a secret held by a lot of successful people in this world. I know we are always told to live in the now and not think about the future, but I think it is human nature to do so and it’s not a bad thing! Planning your day is great, but how about you sit down and plan your whole week? Think about how organised and stress-free you would feel! Take baby steps, it really does help!

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Having the confidence in yourself that you are able to succeed is a real life changer. I can’t say I have the most self confidence in the world, but I when I set an intention for the day/week/future, I try to assure myself that I can do it. Believe in yourself and it can go a long way!

Positive attitude

Maintaining a positive outlook on life is important, even when times get rough. Realising that everything will get better and not letting a one bad time hinder you from reaching your goals can be crucial to understand if you want to go on and achieve great things. Don’t let a bad day prevent you from living the life you want!

Goal oriented

This is a characteristic I have been trying to adopt over the past few years. No matter how big or small, I always try to have a goal for the day/week ahead to keep me on track and working towards it. I find it helpful to have something to work towards, and the feeling of success once you’ve completed it is great!

Don’t rely on others

Independence is a key skill to possess throughout life, no matter what you’re doing. I have learnt the valuable life lesson over the past few years that the only person you can truly rely on is yourself. This is not to say that you shouldn’t trust others or let them help you (teamwork makes the dream work!), but always have your goals in mind and have ways to achieve those without the assistance of others. It’s also a great feeling to say you have completed a task on your own (For me, this brings a lot of self confidence)!

Work hard, play hard: Manage your time wisely

Getting the right balance between work and life is not only important for staying focused and keeping a fresh mind, it’s a key principle for your happiness and wellbeing! Don’t over work yourself, but equally make sure you get all your work done! This can be a difficult balance to achieve, but can be understood over time once you learn more about yourself, the times you are most productive etc. (TIP: Dedicate work to the period you feel most productive. For me this is in the morning, I leave the evenings for relaxing!)


So there are my top tips for becoming a successful person. I have adopted many of these into my own life and they really do help! Do you do anything to ensure success in your life?


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  1. I’m working super hard on being more positive because I have noticed how much that has held me back, hopefully my success will increase when I gain a more optimistic mindset!

  2. Yes! I love these points! I definitely agree with having a routine in order to be successful! It helps you keep on track and make habits that are positive for your wellbeing!

  3. Being successful in life is something that everyone dreams of. You’ve made some good points here that we need to keep in mind to make those dreams come through!

  4. I was just talking to my love the other day about the important of balance because he’s always trying to overwork himself when it comes to his dreams. BAlance is so important. And I also love the not relying on others advice. These are such great and helpful tips!

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