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I’ve always battled with my skin, but bigger problems always arise when the cold weather comes. If you live in the UK like me, we have had somewhat of a cold spell of weather recently. My skin has not taken kindly to this… I’m getting breakouts, flakiness and it just feels generally rubbish. There are certain measures I take when the weather gets colder to try and keep my face as happy as possible, so I am going to share these with you!

Drink water

I know this is the most practised and preached method for skincare, but it’s for a good reason. In the winter when the outside temperature drops, your skin’s water evaporates quicker, producing the tight and flaky feeling a lot of us experience in winter. Increasing your water intake can help to keep your skin happier and less dry.

Switch up your skincare routine

In the winter, I always switch to a heavier moisturiser, even though I have oily skin. I find my normal skin routine is not as effective during winter months, so I also try to exfoliate twice a week instead of my usual once a week. However, make sure the scrub isn’t too harsh, as this can aggravate already dry skin. It also may help to use a hydrating face mask weekly to keep your face’s moisture levels up.

Minimise your makeup

This is more of a personal/optional suggestion, but I always find my skin looks 100 times worse in the winter when I where foundation. I notice a difference when I keep my makeup minimal, especially face products. Also, make sure you are using a moisturising primer and concealer/foundation for optimal plump and healthy skin!

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Take a shorter shower

This is one that I really should start adhering to (I love a long, hot shower when the weather is cold). But showering for a long time can strip your skin of its natural oils, making it drier. I try to stick to an under 10 minute shower, (most of the time I fail at this) but I’m working on it!

Avoid long showers

This can suck all the moisture out your skin, which isn’t good especially when the weather is cold! I try to keep mine under 10 minutes, although this is usually not very successful!

Reduce false heat

Radiators and heaters are not a friend to your poor dry face, they dehydrate and dry out your skin! Try to put on a few more layers before turning up the heating controls on to max.

So there are my top tips for looking after yourself in this cold weather! Have a great week x

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