escape your fashion comfort zone

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Let’s talk fashion…Sorry there was no new post on Wednesday, university work has been taking over! But I’m back with a new one! Today, let’s chat about personal style. 

What is this so called comfort zone I hear you say? Well, I have never truly expressed myself through my clothing the way I would like to. I have always felt that I could never pull off any of the runway and high street trends, so I never even tried. This has been an issue for me since high school, but not one that I have ever considered a real problem.

I finally realised there was an issue

Now, here I am several years later finally coming to terms with why I have been in this mindset, and getting out of it. As a young teen, I was never one to enjoy the spotlight and attention. I don’t really like the all eyes being on me, and I saw dressing how I really wanted to as standing out from the crowd. Yes I may have had Pinterest boards filled with the bright colours, mom jeans and funky patterns I so desperately wanted to wear, but my wardrobe remained plain and simple.

I would lust after the mini skirts, chunky heeled boots and gorgeous fabrics I saw on TV and in stores, but in reality, I was jealous of others who could wear them. I was jealous that I couldn’t pull them off.

Since moving to Bristol for university, it all seems to have changed. I started a blog and a youtube, both places I could express my true style. Putting myself out there on the internet has really changed the perspective, and the praise and support from the community has helped me so much. I am no longer afraid of fashion, I embrace it and wear what I like!


escape your fashion comfort zone

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Bristol is a funky city

I think the atmosphere of Bristol has helped a lot. It’s a very funky, vintage inspired, indie-esque city, which is just the vibe I aspire to. I don’t feel like I am sticking out like a sore thumb here, as others seem to also embrace the slightly alternative and more expressive fashion sense.

The checkerboard prints, excessively bright colours and chunky shoes, three things you wouldn’t have caught me dead in a few years ago! Now, they are three of my favourite styles to wear. Accepting that my style and clothing choice should be for me was an important step for me, especially in my journey to self confidence. I find clothing a way to express myself and my mood, and now I truly can!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it maybe inspired you to experiment with your wardrobe a little more! Have you ever experienced being stuck in a ‘fashion comfort zone’? Let me know about your experience!

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