Picture this, it’s moments before you move into your flatshare, and you’re terrified. What will your flatmates be like? Will they be messy or clean? Will I make friends with them and fit in? If these are the questions running through your head, then fear not. I had the exact same thoughts before I went to university. As I have finished my first year at Bristol university, I’ve had the full experience of flatshares, and I had 9 other flatmates. I’ve learnt a thing or two from this year, so I’m here to share my top tips for a successful time in shared accommodation! Read until the end to learn how to find the perfect flatmates!

#1 Don’t be shy when you arrive

I was scared to speak to any of my new flatmates when I arrived, I didn’t go and socialise for a good few hours. But all you need to remember is they are all in the same position as you, they don’t know anyone either! Just introduce yourself and strike up a conversation to get to know them. Besides, you’re living with them for at least a year! I also recommend wedging your door open when you’re unpacking, this way people can pop in and say hello to you.


#2 Always clean up after yourself

When you’re living with other people in a flatshare, the most irritating thing is seeing a bowl of food still left out on the kitchen table, 3 days after they said “I’ll clean it tonight”. Do your bit and tidy up as you go along, especially the communal areas. Being a messy flatmate won’t put you in anyone’s good books!


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#3 Set some ground rules

Now this isn’t exactly something you want to bring up straight away, but it does need to be done. The amount of times my flat argued about whose turn it was to empty the bins or wash the floors was crazy! Come up with a little schedule for all the weekly jobs to keep your kitchen area clean and hygienic. Not having a schedule for these things is something I really wish our flat had done, it would have saved a lot of hassle! Make decisions between you all just to keep everything under control.


#4 Accept that you may not get on with everyone

My university provide a questionnaire to fill out prior to allocating our flats to get a better idea of who we were as people. However, even with this there were still some people I didn’t get along with too well, and that’s ok! If you don’t know your flatmates upon moving in, just do your best to get to know them, but don’t worry if you don’t click with everyone. If there is someone you aren’t particularly fond of, just be civil when you com across one another.

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#5 Live with flatmates you know you’ll love

If you aren’t sure about living with complete strangers, I highly recommend checking out Idealflatmate.co.uk, who are kindly sponsoring this post today. The team will do their upmost to find you the perfect flatmates to live with. It really is a fantastic website to easily sort flatshare accommodation with no hassle.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, have a lovely week!


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