My Go-To Shower Products for Summertime


The UK has been having somewhat of a heatwave for the past month. For me, the shower products I use change during summertime. My skin’s needs are different to Winter, so the products I use should be too. Today I’m going to give an insight as to what I use on my hair, body and face during the warmer months!

Wilkinsons FAB razor

This razor has been a shower time game changer. I know you’re probably thinking how on earth can a razor be special, but this one is!

This razor’s incredible design allows you to shave forwards and backwards! The activated gel on the razor also means you can effortlessly glide across your skin with no shaving cuts. Hoorah! No more battered ankles from dodgy razors (can I get a hell yeaaaah).

summer fab razor

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TRESemme biotin repair shampoo & conditioner

I have used and loved Tresemme’s products on my hair for a long time. Their brand has produced some of my favourite shower products for the past few years. I won’t lie to you, I can be a bit of a brand snob when it comes to body, hair and skin care products.

I just feel more comfortable using a more ‘high end’ product sometimes, you know? I always find TRESemme products great for my dry and frazzled hair, it gives it that touch of restoration it so desperately needs in summer!

Soap & Glory scrub of your life

I have used this body scrub for as long as I can remember, and I haven’t yet found another like it. It really is one of my all time favourite shower products!

It smells amazing and leaves your skin smooth af, what more could you ask for in a scrub? It also doesn’t dry out the skin, which is a big bonus during summer.

Plus, thoroughly exfoliating your skin is a great base for a tan, so definitely do this before your holidays!

Original Source coconut & shea butter shower gel

I have always loved Original Source shower gels. They’re affordable, moisturising and smell great. I have particularly been loving the coconut and shea butter variety for the summer.

The coconut scent just screams summer to me, and shea butter is incredibly moisturising, so you don’t end up with dry skin. Yay!

So these are my go to summer shower products. Let me know if you have tried any of them!



Note: Some links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my link at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I use and truly love.

shower products for summertime

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