The Ultimate List of Festival Essentials for Your Beauty Bag


the ultimate festival essentials for your beauty bag


We may be halfway through summer, but festival season is still in full swing. Today I am bringing you my festival essentials courtesy of They have a fabulous range of beauty and lifestyle products for great prices. They very kindly sent me these products, but all opinions are my own!

Personal Hygiene

I don’t know about you, but camping at a festival makes me feel so unclean. I’m a bit of a germaphobe anyway, so I am extremely aware of hygiene at a festival. My choices are:

  • Wet ones wipes, £0.89: The showers at festivals are never that appealing, so having wet wipes handy is a god send. These are especially useful when the festival grounds are dry, the dust gets everywhere! These are definitely festival essentials for anyone.

wet ones wipes

  • Antibacterial gel, £1.97: For the same reasons as the wipes, hand gel is a necessity at festivals. The sticky hand gel in those portable toilets doesn’t exactly make you feel clean. Having a bottle of this on you is always handy (no pun intended..).

antibacterial gel

  • Sanex deodorant, £1.20: Festivals can become seriously hot and sweaty, especially when you’re in a large crowd. So having a can of deodorant on you is definitely needed.

sanex deodorant

  • Batiste dry shampoo, £1.17: Who can be bothered to wash their hair when you’re at a festival, right? Dry shampoo to the rescue! I have always loved Batiste, and this mini can is only £1.17 at!

batiste dry shampoo


  • Nivea MicellAir water, £3.39Keeping your skin clean during a festival is essential to minimise breakouts. Micellar water is a great product to remove makeup and cleanse your skin at the same time, and sell it in this handy travel size bottle.

micellar water nivea

  • Garnier face masks, £1.15It’s a great idea to use a face mask both before and after your festival. Before cleanses the skin ready for the festival, and afterwards will draw out all the impurities. A great way to give your skin a deep clean!

garnier face mask

  • Palmers lip balm, £1.69: Having chapped and sunburnt lips is never nice. Keeping a lip balm handy is a good choice! This lip balm also has an SPF of 15, a great advantage at a summer festival.

palmers lip balm

  • Calypso facial sun cream, £2.09: I was super happy when I found this product, I struggle to find a standard suncream that doesn’t make my poor skin breakout. This suncream is especially for your face, and as you’re generally outside for long periods of time at a festival, sun care is important!

calypso sun cream

malibu after sun

  • Simple moisturiser, £3.59: I use this moisturiser daily, and it really does work a treat. It’s important to keep your skin moisturised during summer, despite many people believing the myth that it makes your skin oilier. Even oily skin needs moisture! This is a great gentle option.

simple replenishing moisturiser

  • Dove derma spa, £3.99: I don’t know about anyone else, but I love a good tan in the summer. But if you’re like me and on the paler side, burning is usually what happens. To get that sun kissed glow without looking like a mahogany sideboard, you can use this gradual tanning moisturiser. It helps give a glowy base, that doesn’t look fake!

dove derma spa



  • Eyelure brow palette, £8.95: I tend to prefer a more natural makeup look at a festival, nothing to cakey. This little brow palette is perfect for natural brows and on the go travel!

eyelure brow palette

rimmel brow this way

  • Revuele make up base, £1.25: This creamy makeup base is light, has SPF and keeps makeup in place. What more could you want? This is also infused with vitamin C, which is fab for your skin!

Revuele Vitanorm C+ Energy Make-up Cream Base - Light - 50ml

  • L.A. girl concealer, £3.99: I find my skin always breaks out a little during a festival. The sweat, dirt and everything else isn’t your skin’s friend. So having a concealer on hand to cover up those pesky spots and dark circles from lack of sleep is at the top of my festival essentials list.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal 971 Classic Ivory

  • Rimmel mascara, £3.99: As a blondie, I have fairly light and non existent eyelashes. A mascara is essential for me to look awake!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara Black 001

LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder Light Ivory 7.5g CMP301


So there are all my festival essentials that you should definitely have in your beauty bag! Thank you so much again to for sending me these goodies! Have you been/are you going to any festivals this summer? Let me know in the comments!




  1. I love that you don’t focus on makeup <3 I don't think people realize how important some of these items are at a festival. I know I was absolutely MISERABLE last year at one because I didn't consider these important to bring… Definitely won't be making that mistake again this year XD

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes I don’t like to wear too much makeup at a festival, just feels too dirty and my skin isn’t happy! Thank you for the love

      Yasmin xx

  2. These are all the things I tend to take to a festival too! So annoying when they don’t allow aerosols and I have to try to sneak my hairspray/dry shampoo/ deodorant in! I went to a festival abroad in May, I usually go to a few but haven’t booked anymore this year which is making me sad!

    Kim xx

  3. I haven’t been to a festival since 2016 so I am pining to go to one soon but I am totally the same about hygiene! I don’t get how people excessively wet wipes theirselves at festival I am constantly shoving sanitiser all over me haha. I also totally have to keep up skincare, I can’t believe there are people who let their skin dry out and get so dirty over the weekend!
    Alice Xx

  4. I have never been to a festival and I am not sure it is the place for me ahah! I need my own bed! Although it must be a great experience… that requires the perfect equipment! and i’ll know what to take with me now!

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