8 Essential Student Money Saving Tips

Saving money as a student can be hard. Alongside rent, food shops, and bills, the social scene can drain your wallet at university. Today I am going to share my fave money saving tips from my uni journey so far! It may seem impossible, but you can end a night out without being embarrassingly far into your overdraft!

A penny saved is a penny made, as they say! And when you’re a student, every penny counts.

Pro money saving tips for students

Seek out the student nights

If you like a boozy night now and then, try going on student nights! In bigger cities/campus universities, there are generally specified student nights during the week with offers like reduced drink and free entry. Please remember to look after yourself on nights out! Also, don’t leave yourself so hungover for a 9am lecture that the lights burn your eyes, it really isn’t a good call.

Discount sites

There are so many ways to get deals! Not just as a student, but some are for anyone! One of my recent finds is Latest In Deals. They offer a wide range of products that you would ordinarily buy at a standard shop, but with a slashed price! They even offer discounts on electronics like watches and fitbits! Cool, right?

Often enough, sites will haver discounts/promotions on items you would otherwise pay full price for, so shop around before making purchases!

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Shop around

There are so many supermarkets/discount stores around right now, and a lot of the things I buy regularly, like toiletries or food items, are available for cheaper! I find a lot of great bargains in Poundland, toiletries like soap, shampoo and sanitary products are so much cheaper there than in the supermarkets/beauty stores.

Supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl are also amazing to grab your necessities. They don’t stock everything I find, but generally I can half the price of my weekly essentials by going here! Items like bin bags, soap, washing up items and basic food items can be found very cheaply. Imagine having half the money of a shop extra in your bank! Amazing, right? Overtime, that will add up!

Make a list

Shopping with a list saves me a ton of money let me tell you. If I go shopping without a list, I come home with so much crap that I didn’t need, or I double up on things! Having a list has helped me reduce my food waste, spending and unnecessary purchases!

Know your discounts

Companies like UniDays and NUS save me tons of cash each month. They offer discounts on restaurants, shops, gyms and more! They’re a great way to be able to treat yourself to a meal out now and then without breaking the bank!

Remember to always read the small print, as a large proportion of these offers aren’t available at certain times e.g. during a sale or at weekends.

nus student discounts money saving tips

Cashback when you shop

Most places offer cashback when you shop. Sign up to TopCashback to get money back off your purchases, and sometimes even free items! I received a free makeup revolution palette when i joined, which was a brilliant bonus! These offers vary, so be sure to check you aren’t missing out on a freebie!

Shop in the evening

Once it hits around 6pm, most supermarkets will reduce fresh and other produce. I have found stupidly low prices going at this time, it really is worth it sometimes! It can be hit and miss, but can also save you a lot of your precious cash.

Second hand textbooks

If you have any essential reading, try and gran your textbooks secondhand! Some of them have a rather hefty price tag attached, so this can save you a lot of money! Often enough your student union will have some sort of second hand book store, or just have a look online.

So I hope you enjoyed this post and you maybe learnt something new! What are your favourite money saving tips? Let me know below!

Til next time,


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essential money saving tips for students

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