A guide to my blog

Not sure where to head on my blog first? Well here’s an easy guide to all my blog’s categories:

  • Looking for reviews, recommended products and more? Head over to the beauty categoryThis is where you’ll find a whole variety of posts about makeup and skincare, go check it out! Start with: My Beauty Wishlist.
  • If you’re looking for posts about fitness, health and general wellbeing, head over to the lifestyle categoryThis is a more general category, where posts range from my music favourites to reducing your procrastination levels! Start with: The Benefits of Yoga.
  • If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut with life and need some help with where to go next, then the personal development category may be for you! Here I discuss personal stories, mental health related topics and ways to help improve and focus on YOU! Start with: My 2018 Goals.
  • Are you a student looking for ways to make your life easier? Then the university category may be a good place to start! I talk about all kinds of topics from money saving to studying more effectively, all with the intention to make your life that little bit easier! Start with: Saving Money on a Student Budget.


I hope you find a topic of interest on my blog and come back for more! Don’t forget to follow all my social medias which are linked on my home page to stay updated! Happy reading.